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Director's Foreword

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم




Welcome to the website of the Center for Nuclear Diagnostic Imaging (PPDN), Universiti Putra Malaysia.

This website was created to provide exposure to the new era of imaging technology in molecular imaging, as well as research and healthcare opportunities.

Nowadays, molecular imaging education has undergone rapid change. Therefore, the
field of radiology is increasingly challenging and requires an effective context and
action plan. Therefore, PPDN is determined through professional radiologists to create
better quality health care.

External and domestic professional bodies have recognized radiologists at PPDN who
produce a lot of research and high-impact academic materials. PPDN has gained
international recognition through his appointment as President of the Asean European
Univerity Network (ASEA-UNINET) and a panelist in the International Atamoic Energy Agency
(IAEA) and European Radiology. At the national level, all experts in PPDN are recognized by the National Academies of Medicine, as well as being part of world organizations that carrythe Asean mission such as the KOBE Experimental South East Workshop (SEKUW) / JAXA.

 High commitment by academic experts at PPDN has successfully developed the human capital of Masters and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) students as well as career development. Through the courses that have been offered, the resulting master’s graduates are expected to be fully prepared to serve as clinical radiologists or medical scientists in primary and acute care.

The Molecular Imaging research program conducted can provide advanced training in theory and apply research methods that can advance the profession of graduates as well as trained doctors. Research spanning the fields of molecular genetics, radiology, space medicine, nuclear physics  continues to shape the latest practice and education around the world.

PPDN strongly encourages and supports diversity in optimizing the facilities owned. Collectively, the field of health sciences is also encouraged in PPDN, among others in Biomedical engineering through genetic laboratories, Hybrid Imaging technology and Molecular Imaging Clinical Laboratories. PPDN also encourages research through financial assistance by universities, government and the private sector.

PPDN has provided exposure and education to various experts from several countries and attracted experts and trainees for translational research and academics from around the world, with special emphasis on Southeast Asia and the Middle East as well as conducting high-impact research while providing clinical services and developing facility wing through Tesla’s acquisition of 3.0 MRI,
a hybrid Ultrasound-MRI, PET / MRI and PET-CT system with PACS and teleradiology systems.

The Advisory Board as well as the ranks of professionals who provide input into program researchand development, also drive the broader clinical and scientific agenda to ensure change in promoting the development of services and research.

If you have any questions and suggestions, please contact us at 03-9769 1644.




AM (M’sia), FRSME (London) MBBS (UM), Master Med (Radiology) UKM,

Space Medicine (Russia) Fellowship Oncology Imaging (Australia)

Certified for PET-CT Procedures (Nuclear Medicine Subspecialty Committee)


Updated:: 09/06/2022 [faidhi]


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