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Year 2020

1. Ashhar Z, Yusof NA, Ahmad Saad FF, Mohd Nor SM, Mohammad M, Wan Kamal WHB, Hishar H, Ahmad Hassali, H. Preparation, characterization, and radiolabeling of [68Ga]NODAGA-Pamidronic acid: A potential PET bone imaging agent. Molecules 2020; 25(11):2668

2. Hishar H, Othman MF, Zakaria ZA, Ahmad Saad FF, Abdul Razak HR. Analytical GC-FID method for the determination of organic solvents in radiopharmaceuticals. Current Radiopharmaceuticals 2020 (accepted)

3. Hafiz H, Hishar H, Mohd Noor N. Inconsistency of lesion quantitative assessment in 2D SUV and 3D SUV quantification techniques for [18F]-FDG PET/CT: A phantom study. Malaysian Journal of Medicine & Health Sciences (Accepted)

4. Hafiz H. Perubatan Nuklear: Gula Boleh Mengesan Kanser?. Dewan Kosmik Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Malaysia 2020; 28(9): 46 - 49

5. Tawfiq Yousef TZ, Saiful Nizam AR, Subapriya S, Ezamin AR, Rozi M. Decoding death by unknown causes using post-mortem image-guided virtopsy: A review of recent literature and the Malaysian experience. Medical Journal of Malaysia 2020; 75(4): 411 - 418

6. Saliza R, Raja Kamil, Siti Anom A, Norhafizah M, Rozi M. Wavelet transform based features of skin blood flow response signal for pressure ulcer evaluation. Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences 2020; 14(3)

7. Nisha SN, Loh JL, Aida AR, Hamed S, Umar A, Buhari I, Salasiah M, Hoo FK, Ching SM, Subrapriya S. A survey on smartphone dependence on psychological effects among undergraduate students in a Malaysian university. Medical Journal of Malaysia 2020; 75(4): 356 - 362

8. Nisha SN, Ahmad Saad FF, Abdul Rashid A, Salasiah M, Hamed S, Rohit T, Abd Rashid AF, Loh JL, Mohamad M, Suppiah S. The objective assessment of the effects on cognition functioning among military personnel exposed to hypobaric-hypoxia: A pilot fMRI study. Medical Journal of Malaysia 2020; 75(1): 62 - 67 

9. Shazreen S, Hishar H, Shahrun Niza AS, Farida M, Ahmad Saad FF. The pharmacokinetics of F-18 Fluorocholine in detecting breast cancer patients. Erciyes Medical Journal 2020; 42(4): 447 - 451

10. Mohamad Aminudin Said, Marianie Musarudin, Hairil Rashmizal Abdul Razak. Quantitative imaging with commercial SPECT. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2020; 1497: 1 - 4

11. Azni KK, Suraini MS, Nasir NH, Norafida B. Correlation of the clinical examination, magnetic resonance imaging and surgical findings in diagnosing ankle joint ligament injuries. European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine 2020;7(2):1474

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