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Year 2022

1. Nordin AJ, Ahmad Saad FF, Shaharuddin S. Potential use of integrated multimodality imaging 18F-FDG PET-CT in the evaluation of inflammatory bowel disease: A brief report. Erciyes Medical Journal 2022; 44(2): 225 - 228

2. Ahmad Saad FF & Omar Ahmed Fahmy. A transliterative deductive method (Hud-hud) and the influenced of the native speaker are useful creative teaching adoption in Arabic among the foreign speakers. A pilot study. Jordanian Journal of Literature 2022; 18(3): 143 - 168.

3. Muslim AM, Mashohor S, Al Gawwam G, Mahmud R, Hanafi M, Alnuaimi O, Josephine R, Almutairi AD. Brain MRI dataset of multiple sclerosis with consensus manual lesion segmentation and patient meta information. Data in Brief 2022; 42: 108139

4. Ibraheem SA, Mahmud RMohamad Saini S, Abu Hassan H, Keiteb AS, Dirie AM. Evaluation of diagnostic performance of automatic breast volume scanner compared to handheld ultrasound on different breast lesions: A systematic review. Diagnostics 2022; 12(2):541

5. Khammas ASA, Mahmud R, Abu Hassan H, Ibrahim I, Mohammed SS. An assessment of plantar fascia with ultrasound findings in patients with plantar fasciitis: A systematic review. Journal of Ultrasound 2022 

6. Muslim AM, Mashohor S, Mahmud R, Al Gawwam G. Automated feature extraction for predicting multiple sclerosis patient disability using brain MRI. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications 2022; 13(3)

7. Md Yusof K, Groen K, Rosli R, Abdullah M, Mahmud R, Avery-Kiejda KA. Evaluation of circulating microRNAs and adipokines in breast cancer survivors with arm lymphedema. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2022; 23: 11359

8. Hishar H, Othman MF, Abdul Razak HR, Zakaria ZA, Ahmad Saad FF, Osman MA, Loh HY, Ashhar Z, Idris J, Abdul Hamid MHN, Safee ZM. Preparation, optimisation and in vitro evaluation of [18F]AlF-NOTA-Pamidronic acid for bone imaging PET. Molecules 2022; 27: 7969  

9. Aziz KAA, Saripan MI, Ahmad Saad FF, Abdullah RSAR, Waeleh N. A Markov random field approach for CT image lung classification using image processing. Radiation Physics and Chemistry 2022; 200: 110440 

10. Bajuri F, Bradley DA, Salasiah M, Tamchek N, Ahmad Saad FF, Mazlan N, Mohd Noor N. Morphology and thermoluminescence characteristics of customised Ge-doped optical fibre under Am-Be neutron source as a potential to be used for space radiation detector. Radiation Physics and Chemistry 2022; 200: 110378 

11. Waeleh N, Saripan MI, Musarudin M, Ahmad Saad FF, Mashohor S, Hashim S. Towards efficient Monte Carlo N-particle simulation of a positron emission tomography (PET) via source volume definition. Applied Radiation and Isotopes 2022; 189: 110418

12. Azmi N, Shamim SE, Ab Rahman A, Ramli N, Van Rostenberghe H, Ilias MI. Clinical profiles and outcomes of renal scarring in children underwent DMSA renal scan in a tertiaty hospital. Malaysian Journal of Paediatrics & Child Health 2022; 28(2): 49 - 53.

13. Abdul Onny MA, Shamim SE, Mansor MS, Hashim H. Dose determination of radioactive iodine in treatment of hyperthyroidism utilizing quantitative 99mTc-Pertechnetate thyroid SPECT/CT. Journal of Health & Translational Medicine 2022; 25: 1

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