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Year 2021

1. Hishar H, Othman MF, Zakaria ZA, Ahmad Saad FF, Abdul Razak HR. Assessing the influence of neglected GC-FID variables on the multiple responses using multivariate optimization for the determination of ethanol and acetonitrile in radiopharmaceuticals. SN Applied Sciences 2021; 3:251

2. Hishar H, Othman MF & Abdul Razak HR. [18F]-labeled bisphosphonate as an alternative candidate to the gold standard [18F]-sodium fluoride ([18F]NaF) for PET bone imaging. Current Medical Imaging 2021;17(11):1271-1275

3. Izdihar K, Abdul Karim MK, Awang Kechik MM, Ni X, Abdul Razak HR. Evaluation of healthcare science student learning styles based VARK analysis technique. International Journal of Evaluation and Research in Education 2021;10,1

4. Harun HH, Abdul Karim MK, Abbas Z, Sabarudin A, Muniandy SC, Abdul Razak HR, Ng KH. The influence of iterative reconstruction level on image quality and radiation dose in CT pulmonary angiography examinations. Radiation Physics and Chemistry 2021;178

5. Suraini MS, Norafida B, Idris I, Hasyma AH, Ezamin AR, Shahad AWI, Nuratika B, Lim SN. Comparison of ultrasound and histopathological findings breast cancer between women aged below and above 40 years. Physchology and Education 2021;58(1):5713-5722

6. Muhammad Hafiz Hanafi, Noramaliza Mohd Noor, Muhammad Hishar Hassan. Inconsistency of lesion quantitative assessment in 2D SUV and 3D SUV quantification techniques for [18F]-FDG PET/CT: A phantom study. Malaysian Journal of Medicine & Health Sciences 2021;17(2): 289-293

7. Hishar H, Othman MF, Zakaria ZA, Ahmad Saad FF, Abdul Razak HR. Analytical GC-FID method for the determination of organic solvents in radiopharmaceuticals. Current Radiopharmaceuticals 2021;14(2):131-144

8. Hishar Hassan, Muhammad Faiz Othman, Hairil Rashmizal Abdul Razak. Optimal [18F]-fluorination conditions for the high radiochemical yield of [18F]AlF-NOTA-NHS complexes. Radiochimica Acta 2021; 109(7): 567-574

9. Hishar Hassan, Muhamad Faiz Othman, Zainul Amiruddin Zakaria, Fathinul Fikri Ahmad Saad, Hairil Rashmizal Abdul Razak. Multivariate optimisation and validation of the analytical GC-FID for evaluating organic solvents in radiopharmaceutical. Journal of King Saud University - Sciences 2021;33(6):1-9

10. Muhammad Hafiz Hanafi, Noramaliza Mohd Noor, Fathinul Fikri Ahmad Saad, Saiful Hasley Ramli, Faizal Mohamed, Marianne Musarudin. The need of a system phantom for quantitative hybrid nuclear imaging of PET/CT: A systematic review. Medical Journal of Malaysia 2021; 76(4): 551 - 561

11. Mohamad Aminudin Said, Hairil Rashmizal Abdul Razak, Marianie Musarudin. The comparison of serial SPECT-CT imaging to estimate absorbed dose to the organ at risk from peptide receptor radionuclide therapy dosimetry. Iranian Journal of Nuclear Medicine 2021; 29(1): 2 - 7

12. Suraini MS. Correlation of clinical, MRI and arthroscopic findings in diagnosing ligament injuries of the ankle joint (abstract). Korean Journal of Radiology Supplementary Issue 2021

13. Suraini MS. Morphological of the articular cartilage thickness of the knee using 3 Tesla MRI in normal young adult (abstract). Korean Journal of Radiology Supplementary Issue 2021 

14. Ahmad Saad FF, Chong EY, Syafrina AH. The utility of the standardised uptake value, metabolic tumor volume and total lesion glycolysis as predictive markers of recurrent breast cancer. Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine 2021; 52: 252

15. Ahmad Saad FF & Shakher R. A rare right gluteal hibernoma masquerades as a metastatic non-small cell lung carcinoma - A potential 18F-FDG PET-CT pitfall. Tomography 2021 (Accepted)

16. Nazreen W, Saripan MI, Musarudin M, Mashohor S, Ahmad Saad FF. Correlation between 18F-FDG dosage and SNR on various BMI patient group tested in NEMA IEC PET phantom. Applied Radiation and Isotopes 2021; 176:109885 

17. Chen H, Bahari N, Mohmad Saini S, Mohd Noor N. Computed tomography and other imaging modalities in pediatric congenital heart disease. Pertanika Journal of Science & Technology 2021

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